University of Canberra
Official Education Partner

Stromlo Running Festival (SRF) is thrilled to announce its newest partnership with the University of Canberra (UC), marking UC as the event’s official Education Partner. This collaboration brings together two pillars of the Canberra community that are dedicated to excellence, and promoting health and wellness.

Through this partnership, UC will work closely with SRF to provide academic-based content and resources to support the running community in the ACT and beyond, fostering an environment of learning and growth.

The partnership with SRF is an extension of the University’s existing arrangement with UC Stromlo Forest Park and reflects a practical collaboration intended to enhance the community’s experience and engagement with both institutions.

“We are thrilled to formalise our partnership with the University of Canberra,” said Ms Mel Bingley, Race Director at SRF. “This collaboration represents a powerful synergy between education and community engagement, and we look forward to partnering with the expertise and resources of UC to enhance the SRF experience for our participants.”

UC students and staff from various disciplines, including physiotherapy, marketing, events, technology, and health science will have the opportunity to engage the broader community through internships, volunteering opportunities, and research projects through this partnership with SRF.

Professor Michelle Lincoln, Acting Vice-Chancellor at the University of Canberra said this hands-on involvement will enrich the students’ learning experience and contribute meaningfully to the success of SRF and the well-being of the running community.

“As Canberra’s university we are embedded in the local community. Our vision is to make an impact and improve access to our research through meaningful and practical engagement across multiple disciplines and approaches.

“Sport is an integral part of UC’s vision to harness its power of sport for social justice, equality, inclusion, integrity and wellbeing, and our focussed efforts on women in sport and translating our knowledge of elite athlete performance to foster community sport participation,” ssaid Professor Lincoln.

The partnership between SRF and UC underscores a shared commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and social impact. By joining forces, both institutions aim to create meaningful opportunities for UC students, staff, and the broader community to thrive and succeed.

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About Stromlo Running Festival

SRF is Canberra’s largest trail running event, attracting thousands of participants from across Australia and beyond. Founded in 2009, SRF offers a range of distances catering to all levels of runners, from beginners to seasoned athletes. The event celebrates the spirit of community, health, and outdoor adventure, set against the backdrop of the picturesque UC Stromlo Forest Park.

About the University of Canberra

UC is Canberra’s university, dedicated to providing immersive student experiences focused on employability outcomes. We’re ranked in the top 21% of universities in the world (THE World University Rankings, 2024), and offer world-class teaching in an inclusive, safe and friendly campus environment. Students can find their career inspiration, uncover talents and make life-long connections based on UC’s commitment to delivering nimble design of curriculum and courses to best meet changing global job markets.

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