14th SRF, November 16-17, 2024
SRF is a fun and inclusive event that is proudly supported by the ACT Government

Friday 17th November 2023

4:30pm: Shirt/Bib/RUNCUP collection opens

6:30pm: Shirt/Bib/RUNCUP collection closes

Saturday 18th November 2023:
15km, 30km & 50km

5.30am: Shirt/bib/RUNCUP collection opens

5.55am: SRF50 marshalling

6.00am: SRF50 start

6.05am: SRF30 wave 1 marshalling

6.10am: SRF30 wave 1 start

6.15am: SRF30 wave 2 marshalling

6.20am: SRF30 wave 2 start

6.55am: SRF15 marshalling

7.00am: SRF15 start

3.00pm: Shirt/bib/RUNCUP collection closes
(Reduced staff post race start)

There will be no prize presentations on the day.

Sunday 19th November 2023:
5km, 10km & 2.5km kids

7.00am: Shirt/bib/RUNCUP collection opens

7.25am: SRF10 wave 1 marshalling

7.30am: SRF10 wave 1 start

7.35am: SRF10 open wave 2 marshalling

7.40am: SRF10 wave 2 start

7.45am: SRF10 wave 3 marshalling

7.50am: SRF10 wave 3 start

7.55am: SRF5 wave marshalling

8.00am: SRF5 wave start

9.20am: KIDS 2.5 wave marshalling

9.30am: KIDS 2.5 wave start

10.00am: Shirt collection closes 

There will be no prize presentations on the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to facilitate mass participation and timing logistics, each event distance will operate per wave times (where applicable). You must run in your registered wave. Wave changes will not be accepted on race weekend.

Starting outside your allocated wave will have the following consequences:

  • FlyerUltra Race Timing will not be responsible for the accuracy of your final published time
  • You will not be eligible for any awards
  • If you start before your allocated wave your result will be listed as DSQ
  • If you start after your allocated wave you will receive a time elapsed since your actual
    allocated wave start time