SRF30 Course

SRF30 Course

13th SRF, November 19-20, 2022!
Get excited – watch the recent highlights or consider volunteering. SRF is a COVID-safe event and proudly supported by the ACT Government

Saturday 19th November 2022

3 x start waves

  • 1 x competition wave (finish under 3hrs): 6.20am
  • 2 x open waves: 6.30am, 6.40am

Performance Expectations: Runners will need to be trained up to run this event and finish in the 6 hours time limit.

All runners who registered before July 31st, 2022 will receive a free event tshirt (RRP $35). Every runner receives a finishers medal and zooper dooper!


Elevation: 830m (ITRA certified)

The SRF30 follows the same track as the SRF10 course, taking in the eastern and northern lower slopes of Mt Stromlo before heading out the back of Stromlo Forest Park and taking in spectacular views looking west to the Brindabella Ranges. Runners make their way up the mountain to conquer “The Mother” aka the top of Mt Stromlo and take in all the glory of the Canberra region at this selfie-worthy point. The final few kilometres are a descent back down to the event hub and the finish line.

SRF30 consists of multiple rises with one major climb towards the end for a total of 830m vertical gain and is suitable for intermediate runners prepared to be out on course for several hours with a cut-off of 6 hours for this event.

Runners can expect the course will be well marshalled and marked to ensure they can run carefree and enjoy the race without worry of navigation.

SRF30 Mandatory Gear

  • Mobile phone in working order with fully charged battery and working SIM card
  • Compression bandage (minimum dimensions 7.5cm wide x 2.3m long unstretched)
  • Water bottles or bladders, 2 litre capacity
  • Food bars / portions
  • Race number

Recommended Gear

  • Collapsible cup
  • Anti-chafe body glide / body lubricant
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap or sun hat
  • Favourite race food
  • More substantial first aid kit (sterile dressings, roll of strapping tape, blister care such as blister block patches or Compeed, antiseptic wipes and any relevant personal medications).

Garmin connect link

Srf30 Profile With Kms
30km Run Stromlo Forest Park

Please note that due to on-going negotiations with other Stromlo Forest users, there may be some final small adjustments to the courses, but these maps provide what we hope will be the final course layouts.