SRF50 course change
NAC loop

For reasons outside of our control, the SRF50 section of the National Arboretum Canberra (NAC) will be re-routed to ensure the event remains a true trail run.

Deeks Drive and Boundary Road, both main trail routes of SRF50 have and will be bitumen sealed respectively.

As an ITRA rated trail run event, this is not ideal as it would have meant close to 14km of paved road.

We are pleased to announce a new confirmed route with NAC which will debut on March 5, 2022.

The new course is marked in black while the old course is shaded in light blue for comparison.

Changes to the route include

  • Moving to mostly single track, a narrower and more natural trail that is shaped to the terrain
  • Slightly lower entrance onto Forrest Drive before summit of Dairy Farmer’s Hill
  • Almost double the exposure to plantation sections within the NAC (highlighted in yellow)
  • Updated ITRA rating (currently being re-evaluated)

We will be working with the NAC to ensure that grass will be maintained for line of sight and safety on this new route.

An updated GPX of the full 50km course will be available shortly.  The rest of the course remains the same.

We hope that the ultra-running community embraces this new route and enjoys even more of what the NAC has to offer!

Please note this was a possibility outlined in the event’s T&C’s.

Srf22 Naccourse

Srf22 Naccourse Planting